Kochan on Pokemon Go, Trespass, and Law’s Limitations

Associate Dean Donald J. Kochan at Chapman University Fowler School of Law has a new article up titled Playing with Real Property Inside Augmented Reality: Pokemon Go, Trespass, and Law’s Limitations. The article is available at SSRN. A taste: This symposium essay uses the popular game Pokémon Go as a case study for evaluating conflicts […]

Yes, You Absolutely Can Sue Pokemon for Trespass – And If You Get the Chance, You Absolutely Should

By Tim Kowal The makers of the app Pokemon Go earned a staggering 500 million downloads in 2016 by making certain landowners’ property part of its popular “pocket monster” game. A collaboration between game giant Nintendo and newcomer Niantic, this boundaries-no-object global scavenger hunt is estimated to have earned just under a billion dollars in […]